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After 10 years of dedicated practice, CBEAD has formed its unique training system which consists of 5 major types of programs

01.   Government Specific Programs

CBEAD designs and delivers program per the request of Central Organization Department and SASAC. The programs target C-level executives and high potential talents of SOEs and financial institutes.

02.   Open Programs

Open programs focus on the important, popular and complicated topics in the reform and development of SOEs and target executives from the central and local SOEs.

03. Custom Programs

CBEAD designs and delivers custom programs per the request of SOEs as well as provincial governments and enterprises. 

04. Action-Learning programs

Through action-learning, CBEAD helps participants and enterprises solve practical issues to achieve performance improvement and talent development.

05. E-learning Programs

CBEAD online platform provides a variety of programs including virtual classroom, online seminars, community learning to effectively enhance participants learning interests, improve effectiveness and foster a life time learning habit.


Significant improvement of brand impact and continuous growth of the training market

In the past 10 years, CBEADs brand influence significantly improved. By using in-depth investigation of customer demand, optimizing program design, and improving pertinence and effectiveness of training, CBEAD has established its own brand image as the expert on SOEs

CBEADs market share has continued to expand. CBEAD has serviced nearly 100% of SOEs and institutions. CBEAD currently provides custom programs for 40 large SOEs and 29 provinces.