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Research Projects

Leadership competency of executives in the central SOEs

This project explores the competencies of executives in the central SOEs. By researching on competency model of executives, it provides the foundation support for general executive education as well as recruitment talents.


The central SOEs transformation of development mode

This project closely adheres to the main principle of transformation of the economic development method in the 12th Five-Year Plan of the central government. It focused on successful experiences as well as issues of development transformation of SOEs, and provides theory guidance and practice references for SOEs. This project was funded as a key research project in 2012 by the SASAC.


Research projects in collaboration with government and enterprises

CBEADs research is closely related to the national and local development situation. It undertakes various research topics entrusted by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, SASAC, and the local governments of Liaoning Province and Dalian City. CBEAD promotes applying research to practice by providing intellectual service to governments and enterprises.


Projects on improving CBEADs teaching capability

CBEAD encourages its staff to take initiative and funds research projects that are related to teaching method innovation, administrative management innovations etc. CBEAD staff have completed 48 research projects in total by 2016.

Prof. Xu Shuying, Former President of AMA visited CBEAD.

CBEADs staff won the excellent paper award at MAM2010.

CBEAD developed a case for China Southern Power Grid Corporation.

CBEAD staff visited Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ohio.

CBEAD held a discuss session at COFCO headquarter regarding COFCOs development strategy of industry chain.

CBEAD attended ATD annual conference at Washington in 2014.

Seminar at CBEAD