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Case Research

Case Center Development

Under the support of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, CBEAD vigorously promotes the development of SOE case center. Currently, case research on SOE executive education & training has made significant progress.


Enterprise Case development

Through in-depth investigation of management of the central SOEs and important local SOEs, CBEAD forms series of teaching cases which mainly cover transformation and upgrading, enterprise culture, innovation strategy, brand construction as well as mergers and acquisitions, etc. These case studies are applied in the training programs and have received positive response.


Enterprise teaching case research

Driven by requirement of corporate internal training, CBEAD focuses on case development for internal training, and provides case development tools helping corporates in their case-based teaching development.


Enterprise case consulting

With case-based research experience, CBEAD actively assists the SOEs in their case design and provides professional consultation on case database construction, case-based curriculum development and implementation. This plays an important role in promoting case development in corporate learning and development, strategic decision making, corporate culture, and brand building.

In Aug. 2015, CBEAD held the Teadching Case Development Workshop for the central SOEs.